The Many Methods Of Giving Birth

June 29th, 2013

Now that you’ve made the decision to have a child, you’ve probably been bombarded with advice concerning the circumstances around the big day. Even with all of the suggestions being offered from friends and family, it’s always good to educate yourself in as many birthing methods as possible. It’s the best way to feel as comfortable as possible about your health and the health of your child.

Most home births are not performed out of fear or distrust of hospitals, but are purely a (more…)

Why Does The Body Hurt During Depression?

May 12th, 2013

The body shows actual physical signs of pain when a person is depressed. Many are surprised to hear this as they simply assumed that depression is a mental illness only and that the signs of this illness would only be in a person’s mind. In reality, depression hurts every part of the body. Primarily, the reason why this happens is because the body sends off chemicals that tell it that it is in a depressed state. These chemicals counteract the chemicals (more…)

How To Explain Safe Sex To Young Teens

March 23rd, 2013

One of the most important discussions to have with your teen is the subject of safe sex. As your child gets older, it is only natural that he or she is going to have more of an interest in other teens and possibly want to engage in sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual contact. The best thing you can do is to have an open and honest relationship with your teen so that you can have a mature and essential conversation with them about the topic.

Make it a (more…)

How To Handle Stress

April 17th, 2012

Stress can come in all different forms and it can have many different effects on a person’s body, both physically and mentally, if not properly dealt with. You might feel anxiety or stress from not having a Home Security system to protect your house, seeing the bills pile up on the table, or just plain having a lousy day where nothing ever seems to go your way. These are normal feelings to have in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds, but you need an outlet if you want to survive because, frankly, stress isn’t going anywhere. You are always going to experience it.

An outlet can at least help you cope with the inevitabilities of stress and while there are many to choose from – music, books, naps – the one that many people tend to enjoy the most is physical activity. Exercise, walking the dog, doing some sit-ups – whatever gets your heart beating and your blood pumping will do fine for relieving some of that stress and tension. When your body exerts itself your brain can produce these chemicals called endorphins and these can really lighten the emotional load on a particularly stressful day. However you decide to handle stress, though, make sure you do something and don’t let stress eat away your life.

How To Explain Periods To A Young Girl

October 11th, 2011

How do you explain periods to a young girl? Very carefully. Depending on the information you are going to dispense to the young lady and her ability to understand what you are going to explain to her. Everyone is an individual so each young girl will handle the details and the entire subject differently. Specific details regarding the subject matter should be aimed at the maturity of the young lady. Too much too soon could be a mistake. Too little too late could also be a mistake.

In todays’ (more…)

Why Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

October 7th, 2011

It may not be a well-known fact, but women need more sleep than men. Women need about twenty minutes more sleep than men a day. There are several reasons for the discrepancy in sleep time.

There is a correlation between lack of sleep and the enhanced risk factors for diabetes and heart disease. Women who do not get enough sleep show higher levels of glucose, cholesterol, and inflammatory proteins. These higher levels are contributing factors to diabetes and heart disease. Poor sleeping habits also create higher levels of fibrinogen, a substance that (more…)

How Much Sleep Do School Age Children Need?

October 4th, 2011

School age children are becoming more social and more active with learning. Children during this age are expected to learn at a faster pace. They are expected to have a longer attention span. Sleep is very important to children of this age, so that they are alert in school. 7-12 year old children are often in various activities both in and out of school. Their mind is constantly active. This takes a lot of energy.

The (more…)

Food Quantity Or Quality: What’s More Important When Dieting?

October 1st, 2011

When it comes to dieting, the question of which is most important, quantity or quality, is likely to come up. But the answer really isn’t as easy as it may seem. Some would say that food quantity is more important, because when you cut portions you take in less calories. This means that less fitness is needed to burn the calories taken in. But, others would argue that quality is more important because healthy foods are more (more…)